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TOP 5 BEST All-In-One Aquarium Kits To Get Started In The Freshwater Aquarium Hobby

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What Is An All-In-One Aquarium? 

All-in-one aquariums come with everything you need to start the freshwater aquarium hobby. They typically include the tank, stand/cabinet, LED lighting, filtration, heating device and sometimes, even more! Most of the aquarium kits we will cover in today's article are high quality, low iron, rimless tanks. If you would like to learn more about rimless aquariums and why they are preferred, check out our Rimless Aquarium Guide. This list will cover a few odd-ball options that aren't maybe what you think, lets talk about why you might want an All-In-One Aquarium setup. 


Why Should You Consider An All-In One Aquarium?

All in one aquariums are perfect for the beginner or someone who is looking to get started for the first time in the aquarium hobby. Many of them are designed to remove the buts. I would like to have an aquarium in my home, but its too much work. I would like to keep some fish, but I don't have the time to figure out all the equipment. With these aquarium kits, most of the work is already done for you, all that's left to do is add some fish, plants and whatever else you desire. However, not all all-in-one aquariums are created equal. Today we will go over 5 of my favorite kits and discuss their pros and cons to help you decide what's best for your situation. 


Top 5 All-In-One Aquariums For Sale In 2020

#5 - Fluval Flex (15g)

fluval flex 15g aquarium kit

The Fluval Flex 15 gallon all-In-One aquarium features a unique design that will make anyone take a second look. It's outer pannel of glass is curved outward (bowfront) to enhance the viewing of what's inside. 15 gallons to big? Luckily there is also a 9 gallon version for the Flex if that's more your style. Besides it's great aesthetic, the Flex also has a robust in-tank filtration system hidden in the back of the tank.   

fluval flex aquarium kit filtration

Included in this false backing is the pump that pulls water from the aquarium, though the media and back into the tank. Another huge plus is the included M series heater that hides back here as well. Having the option to hide your heater is a big one, the less visual distractions the better! 


  • Affordable price for a 15g aquarium

  • Great hidden filtration and heater

  • Seamless lid with built-in LED


  • Stand/cabinet sold separately

  • Included LED is not the best for growing plants

  • Lacks the opportunity for customization of equipment

  • Some people might not like the unique aesthetic


Check Price On The Fluval Flex 

biocube all in one aquarium for sale


#4 - BioCube All-In-One (32g)

biocube all in one aquarium kit

freshwater biocube aquarium aquascape


The BioCube is the next step up from the Fluval Flex. Just because it's marketed as a nano reef or saltwater tank, doesn't mean that's what you have to use it for. My YouTube subscribers may remember I created a freshwater sand waterfall aquascape in a modified 32g BioCube a couple years ago (above). A 16 gallon version is also available if you're looking for something a little smaller. The BioCube features the same style of false backing filtration and a heater can be fit here if you get creative with the media placement. 

biocube filtration

The BioCube features a hinged hood/lid with built-in LED's that can be programmed with an integrated timer/controller. For those attempting a planted freshwater aquarium with this option, it can easily be done by only having the white LED's on during the day. The power output is pretty good, but there will always be better options- One of the biggest drawback of an all-in-one aquarium that has a fixed lid.  


  • High quality construction, curved edge glass

  • Fantastic built-in wet-dry filtration system

  • Convenient hinged top with built-in LED's 


  • Premium tank with a premium price...

  • Does not include filter media or heater

  • LED's are good, but not the best for growing certain plants


 Check Price on the 32g BioCube

biocube all in one aquarium for sale


#3 - UNS 25S Aquarium Kit (2g)

uns 25s aquarium kit with LED


This pick is a little different compared to all the rest on this list. The UNS 25S aquarium kit is more of a bundle, featuring the ultra-clear 25S rimless tank and the popular ONF Flat Nano LED w/stand. I decided to include this on the list because I'm an aquascaper at heart and this little combo kit or whatever you want to call it is just perfect. 

uns 25s rimless kit aquarium

The 25S is such a small aquarium that I couldn't recommend you keep fish in it, especially once you add rocks, driftwood and plants. This mini tank should be more focused towards creating a small a focal point on a side table or desk. So while this is not really an all in one aquarium, I think it's still a good combo for someone looking to get into shrimp and other invertebrates. Not to mention the pond style aquariums have gotten very popular in the last couple of years and this is perfect for that as well. 



  • Ultra clear low iron rimless tank

  • Included ONF LED is one of the best for plants

  • Lots of customization options

  • Great mini desk/work tank for the aquascaper


  • Not really a true all-in-one kit

  • Does not include filtration, etc

  • Not a good tank for keeping fish long term


 Learn More About The UNS 25S Kit

all in one aquarium kit for sale


#2 - Waterbox CLEAR 3620 +FW (49g)

wayerbox aquarium plus fw kit


The Waterbox CLEAR +FW is a 36 x 20 inch 49 gallon rimless aquarium kit that includes a beautiful oak cabinet and 2 AI Prime freshwater LED's.  This aquarium can also be purchased without the lights and cabinet if you so choose.  Waterbox Aquariums are know for their high quality and I can definitely back that up. I personally have several Waterbox tanks including my largest, the WB 7225 AKA Ancient Gardens. 

 waterbox 7225 rimless aquarium

 Waterbox Aquariums has several different aquarium options for those looking for something a little different. 


  • Excellent quality, low iron, ultra-clear glass

  • Includes premium LED's great for growing plants

  • High quality oak cabinet 

  • Perfect for a casual or serious fish keepers alike 


  • Cabinet assembly takes a while...(lots of tutorials online)

  • Larger tanks are extremely heavy

  • Does not include filtration or heating components (sold separately)

Learn More On Waterbox Aquariums

all in one aquarium kit for sale

#1 - Current Serene Aquarium (65g)

current serene all in one aquarium


The Current Serene freshwater aquarium (65g - 48 x 18 x 18 in.) kit is truly an all-in-one setup that includes everything you need to get started. When the aquarium is shipped to you, even the stand is pre-assembled, something that all the other options on this list do not feature. On top of that, even the lighting, filter and in-line hear are already clamped in place within the stand and ready to go. Furthermore, this kit can include sand substrate and very realistic faux hardscape and plants that are seen in several of the images. What you see is what you can get and create!

current serene shipping

Current Serene Aquarium Delivery- Pre-Assembled In One Crate 

current serene equipment setup

Here is a snap shot of my Serene Aquarium and exactly how the stand and equipment was shipped to me:

current serene aquarium stand and equipment

The filter is a large OEM canister that includes a reliable 300W in-line Hydor heater. This keeps everything out of the aquarium so you can focus on the aquascape, not the bulky equipment and cords! The attention to detail doesn't stop there, even the filter input and output are a frosted acrylic that blend in seamlessly with the matching frosted background film. Again, all of this is pre-assembled and ready to go! 

There's EVEN MORE stuff that comes with this aquarium kit-

  • Current Serene 4ft freshwater plant LED

  • Serene back lighting system (integrates with LED fixture)

  • Serene Binaural audio w/speakers (integrates with LED fixture)

  • Aquascaping material (2 styles available)

current serene all in one aquarium setup  

 Another image of my Current Serene tank with the Riverwood Aquascape kit once I got it setup- Everything you see, including the faux aquascape materials were included. That's right, even the rocks are not real!

Using fake materials is not for everyone... Including me. I wanted to showcase everything the kit can come with, but its doesn't have too. Two main options are currently available- The Riverwood Aquascape and the Manzanita Aquascape. If you want to use live plants an raw materials you source on your own, there is a No Aquascape kit that comes exactly the same, just minus the sand and faux hardscape materials. 

 current serene no aquascape kit

 Image of the No Aquascape kit - back light LED not shown but included.

So wait, there's speakers on this thing? Yes, and they are totally optional. Current wanted to innovate and that's exactly what they have done. While it's not for everyone, the included speakers can play a variety of sounds of nature tracks that are meant to add a layer of relaxation and engagement to the experience of viewing your aquarium. It's definitely a unique experience and while I typically don't use the feature, it's always a fun thing to show off when guests come over.  

Current Serene Audio

I could write an entire blog post on the Current Serene Aquarium kit alone, but ill save that for another day. Bottom line, the Serene tank is by far the most complete all in one aquarium on the market in 2021. It provide the new aquarium owner with not only every piece of equipment they need, but offers an easy to assemble aquascape as well. It includes unique features such as the color changing back light and binaual audio. If you are shopping for an aquarium of any kind, definitely check out the Current Serene. 



Current Serene Aquarium kit Tank and Stand ONLY

If you are interested in the Current Serene aquarium but want to save some money and don't have a need for all the extra equipment, I have a deal for you! For a limited time, you can get the same rimless aquarium with an unassembled stand for much less! Use discount code aquapros at check out and receive an additional 15% off your order. Shipping is FREE anywhere in the USA with any version of the Current Serene Aquarium. 

Current Serene Aquarium Tanks and Stand


  • Includes EVERYTHING you need to start an aquarium

  • Pre-assembled stand and equipment in place

  • Backlight and binaural audio add an extra layer of engagement 

  • Option to include a ready aquascape and sand

  • Just add water and fish (in that order) :)


  • May be paying for features you don't want (audio, backlight, etc.)

  • Only one size currently available (65g)   

 Learn More About Serene Aquariums

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Don't forget- Use Code aquapros for a 15% discount on the Serene Aquarium!

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