Wholesale Info/Help

This page is dedicated to seller best practices and additional information regarding our wholesale customers. 

Thank you for becoming a wholesale partner! This has been a fun journey for me and I'm really excited to have you on the team! When I first started partnering with local fish stores I had the pleasure of working with Pisces Aquaria, a nature aquarium store in Eugene, OR. 

After a few tests, the owners found the most effective location for sticker/magnet/cling sales was directly on the checkout counter. To take up minimal space, we found these cheap card displays on Amazon, Ill have a few links down below if you decide to go this route. They come in a 2 pack and each display can easily hold up to 8 designs of the 3" stickers, magnets or clings (the most popular size).

After Pisces had made a larger purchase providing more designs to their customers, they opted into a bigger, wooden rotation display. This display has 3 sides and can hold not only the 5" stickers/magnets/clings but each shelf can also hold two 3" products totaling is display capacity at 24 (It also adds a much more fancy look to your store!). Link for where we got this at the bottom of the page.


Once you have your displays and location figured out, these stickers will sell themselves! They are a big hit with not only the kids, but many hobbyists looking to add their love for aquariums to other aspects of their life. The biggest mistake I've seen in other test stores simply not putting them in font of the customer. One store had them on the end cap of an awkward counter that was just out of view of the customer as they check out. Once they moved the display to prominently face the customer as they checkout, sales were immediately increased to match that of Pisces. That brings me to some preliminary sales data-

Sticker Sales Data- 

So far, the data shows roughly 1 in 6 paying customers buys at least 1 3" sticker as an add-on to their initial purchase. Based on the average customer purchase, stickers will increase their total checkout buy ~13%. We've found that a $4 sticker is most commonly added to purchases at or above $20. Customers coming in to quickly purchase one bag of $6 fish food tend to avoid the stickers/magnets/clings as the price incentive in not quite there. When making a $20+ purchase, the extra $4 is harder to notice and hence happens much more often. 

MOQ for entire wholesale order - $100 USD

MOQ per product type - 5

Example order:

20  3" stickers (angel fish)

10  5" static clings (angel fish)

5  holographic stickers (angel fish)

12  5" stickers (angel fish)

30  3" stickers (guppy)

5  holographic stickers (guppy)

20  5" stickers (guppy)

20  5" sticker (panda cory)

30  5" sticker (panda cory)

Total cost: $261.50

Shipping is always FREE :)

Why Our Vinyl Stickers Are the Best-

Quickly sharing this info with a hesitant customer almost always convinces them to purchase- 

Our stickers are waterproof, dishwasher proof, UV resistant (won't fade in sunlight), tear resistant, scratch resistant, easily removable and won't leave behind residue. 

Magnets and static clings are also very durable and share most of the applicable features above. 

If a customer is trying to decide between stickers or static clings:

Our stickers are easily removable from glass, plastic, metal, etc. and will not leave behind any residue. Static clings are meant for glass, but will also stick to most smooth plastic surfaces (loosely) They are even easier to remove and can also be placed on the inside of glass facing outward if desired. It's really up to them. I personally use static clings form my tanks and use both sticker and clings for other glass surfaces like house and car windows. Magnets are also great for cars :)

Additional Tips-

Take a few static clings and put them on some of your display tanks! A few of our stores like to stick them on tanks where they sell the same fish! Magnets are great for metal stands or racks as well as refrigerators or white boards that display important information. These tactics definitely get the patrons attention and help drive customer-staff engagement. 


Recommended Pricing & Sticker Display Resources-

Pricing (handshake agreement)

2" sticker or cling - $3.00

3" sticker or cling - $4.00

3" holographic sticker $5.00

3" magnet - $5.00

5" magnet - $6.00

5" sticker or cling $5.00

If you are having a hard time moving your stickers/magnets/clings shoot us an email (aquaproshq@gmail.com) and lets try and figure it out! 

Displays We Recommend:

Clear plastic display (2 pack)

Fancy rotating display

Wall display

Thank you once again for becoming a part of our wholesale family! If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me and email- aquaproshq@gmail.com

I look forward to working together :)

-Mike D