Wholesale Product Info:

Why Our Vinyl Stickers Keep Customers Coming Back-

Our stickers are waterproof, dishwasher proof, UV resistant (won't fade in sunlight), tear resistant, scratch resistant, easily removable and won't leave behind residue. 

Magnets and static clings (window stickers) are also very durable and scratch resistant, just don't put them in the dishwasher :)

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Pricing / MSRP & Sticker Display Resources-

Individual Products:

2" sticker or cling - $1.15 MSRP= $3.00

3" sticker or cling - $1.50 MSRP= $4.00

3" holographic sticker- $2.00 MSRP= $5.00

3" magnet - $2.25 MSRP= $5.00

Key Chains - $3.25 MSRP= $7.00

Sticker Bundles- 

You're free to offer any type of bundle to your customers, here's a few we recommend:

3 Stickers / $10

5 Stickers / $15

10 Stickers / $25

Sticker Displays We Recommend:

Our Wooden Displays (shipped with or without stickers)

Clear plastic display (2 pack)

Fancy rotating display

Wall display

More Info:

Clings- (window/tank/glass stickers)

Clings are small window stickers. They easily adhere to glass surfaces with no adhesive. Both sides will stick, so they can be placed on the outside of a tank, or on the inside of a window facing out.

Fun ideas- Take a few static clings and put them on your display tanks! A few of our stores like to stick them on tanks where they sell the same fish!

Magnets are great for metal stands or racks as well as refrigerators or white boards that display important information. These tactics definitely get your customers attention! 

LEGIT. Fish Food

A new fish food brand Mike has created in partnership with Piscine Energetics (Manufacturers of PE Mysis).

LEGIT. was created to solve a few problems:

  1. Get a healthy, comprehensive food in the hands of hobbiests.
  2. Correct food sizing for common freshwater fish (no finger grinding required)
  3. Give back to the hobby- % of profits from retail sales is given to Project Piaba (non-profit)

3 Food Types Available - 2 sizes ea. (same great formulation):

LEGIT. Pricing / MSRP

Same price/MSRP for different food types:

2oz Bag - $5.49 / MSRP= $12.95 MAP= $9.95

4oz Bag - $8.46 / MSRP= $17.95 MAP= $14.95


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(may take up to 1 business day to be approved)

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