OASE Filtosmart 60 - AQUAPROS
OASE Filtosmart 60 - AQUAPROS

OASE Filtosmart 60

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Mike's Take- 

Large capacity for filter media without aggressive flow. This makes it perfect for 5-15 gallon betta and shrimp aquariums. 


  • Two stage filtration of biological and mechanical filtration are integrated in this compact design
  • External filter operates quietly to circulate and filter your aquarium water
  • Compact design with large filter surface
  • Diffuser and spray bar can be utilized for uniform surface movement and additional dissolved oxygen integration
  • Includes a self-priming function for simple startup and continued operation

Details: The filtosmart line of external filters are perfect for small marine and freshwater aquariums. The filtosmart 60 has a compact design with a large filter surface. Created for convenient placement next to or behind the aquarium. Add the bracket for the filtosmart 60 (sold separately) for simple attachment to the side of your aquarium. Install the included diffuser and spray bar for uniform surface movement and additional dissolved oxygen for ideal water quality. Utilizing biological and mechanical filtration, This external filter, ensures effective water filtration and optimal living conditions for aquarium inhabitants. This energy-efficient design includes a self-priming function for easy operation on startup and after cleaning. Designed using German engineering and manufactured in Italy, this quiet operating filter is protected with an included 3 year warranty.