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5 Pack Tropical Fish and Shrimp Stickers/Magnets/Clings

5 Pack Tropical Fish and Shrimp Stickers/Magnets/Clings

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LIMITED TIME: Buy any 5 pack (stickers/magnets/clings) Get 2 FREE RANDOM bonus stickers.

  • This promo will apply to multiple 5 packs, example: buy 3 different (or same) 5 packs, get 6 bonus stickers.
  • If you would like to select which 2 bonus stickers you want, leave it in the order notes or email after your order :)

Cardinal Tetra, Plakat Betta Fish, Neocaridina "Green Hulk" Shrimp, Boesemani Rainbowfish and Corydoras julii 5 pack die-cut stickers/magnets/static clings. Stickers available in 2 sizes (select above)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, the magnet 5 pack has a red shrimp and the static cling 5 pack has a blue shrimp. Sticker 5 pack will have the green shrimp as shown and a red shrimp for the 5" variant.  

About Our Stickers:

  • Durable, thick vinyl w/protective laminate
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Weather proof
  • Sunlight proof
  • Dishwasher safe!

About Our Magnets:

  • Strong, yet flexible
  • Great for any metal surface like your fridge or car
  • Scratch and crease resistant 

About Our Static Clings: 

  • Firmly holds to any glass surface without using adhesive!
  • Fully reversible (both sides will cling!)
  • Great for your aquarium, car and home windows

Shipping Details:

FREE SHIPPING on sticker/magnet orders $25 and over

Shipped within 1 business day of ordering, same day shipping if placed before 12pm PST.

Shipping takes 3-4 business days, tracking is always provided! USPS First Class Package

Shipping to Canada and UK available (USPS) It does cost significantly more, I will throw in some extras for you if you ask in the order comments (on checkout page).

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